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Ten random things: January 8

Ten winners of the BCS National Championship Game:

  1. Florida State University (1999)
  2. Louisiana State University (2003, 2007)
  3. University of Oklahoma (2000)
  4. University of Miami (2001)
  5. University of Southern California (2004)
  6. University of Tennessee (1998)
  7. University of Alabama (2009)
  8. University of Texas (2005)
  9. The Ohio State University (2002)
  10. University of Florida (2006, 2008)

Against my will, I ended up listening to the last quarter or so of the BCS National Championship Game last night, or more precisely very early this morning. Under the best of circumstances I would have little to no interest in listening to the championship game, and in this specific case my lack of interest was total, due to the two teams playing for the championship: Alabama and Texas.

With Alabama, it's mostly just a matter of being sick to death of them. The bookstore chain for which I used to work is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and the buyers and merchandisers for that company believe with what can only be described as a religious fervor that every person in the country is just as obsessed with Alabama football as Alabamians are. At any given time, you could find up to a dozen books in the store about the Crimson Tide. How many books could you find about out local teams, like the Washington Redskins, the University of Virginia, or Virginia Tech? Maybe one each. It was very frustrating, and I came to resent the team for monopolizing so much of our shelf space.

As far as the University of Texas is concerned, I don't have any particular problem with it, and if it was located in some other state I might very well have been rooting for them. But I just don't like Texas. I've cited this before, but US Rep. Daniel Barnard of New York had the right idea when the annexation of Texas was being debated in the House of Representatives in 1845: "As certain as truth and God exist, the admission of Texas into this union will prove, sooner or later, an element of overwhelming ruin to the Republic." Not that Alabama is any prize pig, mind you, but it seems to me that most of the truly appalling things about Alabama happened 30 to 40 years in the past, whereas Texas is still embarrassing itself on a regular basis. Just in the last dozen years we've had the bogus drug arrests in Tulia, the murder of James Byrd Jr., the execution of the almost certainly wrongly convicted Cameron Todd Willingham, the Enron debacle, the appointment of a Creationist to be chairman of the State Board of Education, and of course George W. Bush. I'll give them some credit for producing Molly Ivins, and for Annise Parker's recent election as mayor of Houston, but still.

Anyway, Alabama won, so yay them, I guess.


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