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New glasses

Today’s big news: I’m getting new glasses. My current glasses are in rough shape; they are literally being held together with tape and wire. As a consequence, I can’t fold the left temple arm, and if I don’t handle them carefully the left lens has a tendency to fall out. This was a particular problem last week, when it popped out while I was out on a snow removal job. Luckily I was in the truck at the time, but it still took us about five minutes to find the damn thing.

Said snow removal job has resulted in me being flush with cash, making this as good a time as any to get a new pair. So this morning I hied myself to an optometrist for an eye exam. The exam showed that while my overall ocular health is good and my distance vision is pretty near identical to what it was back in 2002, my reading vision has deteriorated fairly significantly. That didn’t really come as a surprise to me; I’ve noticed recently that I sometimes have trouble focusing while reading, especially in low light. So my new glasses will have bifocal lenses.

It also means that I will have to put up with these old glasses for a few more days. Despite what you may have heard about certain places being able to have your lenses ready in about an hour, it turns out that when the lenses in question are progressively bifocal, that “about an hour” turns into “about ten days.” But that’s OK, because I can still see pretty well through my old glasses.

Actually, right now I can’t see very well at all, as a result of having had my eyes dilated for the eye exam. I’m typing this with the font size set to 60 point, and even that’s pretty blurry. But so far it hasn’t been a [tpn;r,/

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