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Ten random things: February 5

Ten persons affiliated with the Central Intelligence Agency:

  1. Robert Richer (Associate Deputy Director of Operations under George W. Bush)
  2. Mark Mansfield (Director of Public Affairs)
  3. Billy Waugh (former Special Activities Division operative)
  4. Willem Smit (former field operative)
  5. William Harding Jackson (Deputy Director under Dwight D. Eisenhower)
  6. Robert Seldon Lady (former station chief in Milan, Italy)
  7. Howard Hart (former station chief in Islamabad, Pakistan)
  8. Aldrich Ames (former counter-intelligence officer and Soviet spy)
  9. Gerry Droller (former Political Affairs officer responsible for recruiting Cuban exiles in Miami in the 1960s)
  10. Rick Francona (former field operative in the Middle East)

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