John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Snow job

Well, it's snowing again. Just a few itsy-bitsy snowflings at this point, but we're expecting a pretty big storm. Not as big as originally projected, though; snowfall predictions for the DC area have dropped from 10-20 inches to 8-14. I think my neck of the woods will be toward the lower end of that scale—the forecast says the heaviest snowfall will be to the north and east of the city, and my job site is to the west—but nevertheless when I get called out I'm likely to be there for quite some time.

But I'm ready for it! My kit bag is packed with plenty of snacks and bottled water, not to mention a book and my MP3 player. I think I'll try to get a bit of sleep while I wait for the call.

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