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Houston diary III

I am sore. After a delicious dinner of fajitas and grilled vegetables prepared by Jasie's dad, we hit the sand pit for a vigorous game of volleyball. jennlynnster, nongenius, realtome (a.k.a. smash), omyhinkle's friend Jonathan and I formed Team O'Crap; kariyaki, Jasie, Jasie's friend Tara, *ahem*, and the First Eva comprised Team Overshare. My team was clearly outclassed -- both Tara and Eva clearly had played competitively -- but luckily we forgot to keep score.

We rewarded ourselves after the game with s'mores, margaritas, and a pagan ceremony designed to give smash a fresh start to her 30th birthday, which thus far has by most accounts been unimpressive. Following the snacks, we retired to the poolhouse to make Buffy-themed charm bracelets (courtesy dynagirl) and to watch Say Anything... and a few episodes of Buffy. Fun!

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