John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Doing my HOA's job

My neighborhood boasts of having three miles of walking paths throughout the community, though you wouldn't know it right now. See, the homeowners association doesn't contract with anyone to remove snow from the paths, which since I don't own a car is a major inconvenience for me. It's been pretty warm here the last few days, and this afternoon I decided that enough of the snow had melted to make it feasible for me to take matters into my own hands. So I grabbed my snow shovel and headed down to the end of my street, where the concrete sidewalk in front of the houses intersects with the asphalt walking path that skirts the northern edge of my neighborhood.

Poured concrete sidewalk

You'll note that I didn't shovel the entire width of the sidewalk; earlier, less ambitious pedestrians had trampled a rough path through the snow, compacting it and fusing it to the sidewalk beyond the capacity of my plastic shovel to remove.

Asphalt path

This portion of the asphalt path leads down to Church Road, giving easy pedestrian access to the corner store, the neighborhood diner, and (appropriately enough) my church.

Uphill from Church Road

Looking uphill from Church Road, you can again see that I didn't remove all the snow from the path. Removing that huge pile of plowed snow on the right would have taken forever.

Alas, poor shovel

My reward for all my hard work: a broken shovel. I wonder if the HOA will reimburse me?

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