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Ten random things: March 22

Ten things I saw while riding the number 3 bus across town:

  1. Orpheum Theater
  2. Macha Teahouse and Gallery
  3. Edgewood High School
  4. Monty's Blue Plate Diner
  5. Hotel Ruby Marie
  6. Dudgeon Monroe Prairie
  7. A Room of One's Own Feminist Bookstore
  8. Construction & General Laborers Union Local 464
  9. Pasqual's Salsaria
  10. Fauerbach Condominiums

I had some shopping to do today, so shortly after 11:00 AM I walked around the corner to catch a bus up to the east side Target. After about ten minutes, it became obvious that I had missed the bus. So instead I got on the bus going the opposite direction, just to see where it went. Hey, I'm still unemployed until next Monday, I'm allowed to waste time on pointless trips. Besides, the bus in question was a crosstown local, so really it was not pointless at all, but a valuable part of my ongoing efforts to learn my way around Madison. I saw a bunch of neat stuff that I will want to go back to at some point, like the teahouse and the theater, and learned the location of some important places, like Trader Joe's and a big-and-tall clothing store. and I eventually did make it to Target, just two hours later than I originally anticipated. So all in all, a successful trip.


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