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Ten random things: April 1

Ten Alices in Dairyland:

  1. Joana Markevicius (1974)
  2. Stephanie Binversie (1989)
  3. Janice Findlay (1976)
  4. Debra Casucci (1981)
  5. Rebecca Plantz (1988)
  6. Kristan Conrad (1992)
  7. Nancy Trewyn (1957)
  8. Judith Schultz (1969)
  9. Natalie Parmentier (2003)
  10. Roxanne Westphal (2000)

What's Alice in Dairyland, you ask? When the program first started, it was little more than a beauty pageant, the winner of which would travel around the state and the rest of the country promoting Wisconsin agriculture. Over time it evolved, and now Alice is a marketing professional—literally a professional; it's a salaried position with the state—albeit one who does her job wearing a tiara and sash. To even be considered, you need in-depth knowledge of the agriculture industry and experience in marketing, journalism, or public relations, not to mention good public speaking skills and practical experience planning and executing public relations or marketing campaigns. They just announced the 2010 finalists, and by all appearances it appears to be an extremely well-qualified group of young women.


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