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Ten random things: April 13

Ten tips for keeping your birds healthy:

  1. Buy your birds from a reputable hatchery, pet store, or dealer
  2. Know how to spot contagious bird diseases
  3. Avoid contact with diseased or dead wild birds
  4. When you bring your new birds home, keep them separate from the rest of your flock for 30 days
  5. Clean and disinfect equipment that comes in contact with your birds or their droppings
  6. Always observe wildlife, including wild birds, from a distance
  7. Do not share your bird equipment or tools with neighbors or other bird owners
  8. Keep your birds' cages and cage area clean at all times
  9. If you've taken your birds to an event, keep them separated from your flock for two weeks after the event
  10. Before entering your bird area, wear clean clothes, scrub your shoes with disinfectant, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water

The other day I decided I needed a calendar in my cubicle, and I happened to find an unused one lying around the mail room. It was issued by APHIS, the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, and each month features a photo of a bird, mostly poultry or game birds, but a few commercial species the importation of which is regulated by APHIS. April, for example, shows three cute Rhode Island Red chicks. There are also helpful tips on every calendar page, and in the back a guide to spotting the symptoms of bird diseases like avian influenza and exotic Newcastle disease. None of which does me much good working on the Chronic Wasting Disease desk, but a calendar is a calendar.


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